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Tidy Your Home this Spring

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Now that spring is here, it’s a good time to go through your home again and tidy up! Spring cleaning is a regular practice here in the United States, but many don’t do it well, so we’ve decided to share with you some crucial tips in this week’s Quincy Plaza Blog!


Through the seasons, you may have accumulated items and loose leaf pieces of paper that take up space in your home. We suggest going through your home and pinpointing these items, placing them in a pile to be thrown away or donated. It may be difficult to figure out which items in your home need to be removed, so consider this: if you haven’t used it or even seen it in over a year, you probably don’t need it in your home.

Remember, donating appliances and other usable items gives it new life in the hands of someone who may need it more than you.

Move the Furniture

When tidying and cleaning your home, move the furniture! You’ll be surprised at how much dust and dirt accumulates and what ends up rolling underneath the furniture in your apartment. Instead of cleaning around it and leaving it be, move the furniture and get down to clean under them! As you move the furniture, you can use it as an excuse to rearrange your furniture and give your home a brand new look!

Stay Organized with Boxes

As much as you clean and tidy up, you may end up having loose items that may not have a home. Combat this by investing in some boxes to store these loose items. Not only will these items have a place, it will also give your apartment a more tidy look and can help you get more organized!

Get ahead of the game this spring by tidying up and enjoying a cleaner home! If you’ve got any cleaning tips, share them with our Arlington, VA apartment community!