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Throw a Halloween Party

rows of jack-o-lanterns glowing in the dark

Halloween is coming up, and we encourage you to get into the mood of the holiday. There are many ways you can immerse yourself in the Halloween spirit, but we suggest throwing a party in honor of All Hallows’ Eve. In this week’s Quincy Plaza Blog, we’ve got a few suggestions on ways you can spruce up your Arlington, VA apartment for your party!

Decorate Your Door

Since you don’t have a lawn to decorate, the door to your apartment is the first thing your guests will see. So decorate it with a Halloween theme! You can choose to mummify your door, make it spider infested with fake webs and plastic spiders, or make it look like abandoned or boarded up! Regardless of what you choose to do to your door, keep in mind that people will still need to enter and leave through it, so don’t decorate so much that it hinders the function of the door.

Halloween Treats

A surefire way to get people into the spirit of Halloween is putting out some foods that are themed for the holiday. Whether you’re putting out white chocolate mummy pretzels, devilish eggs, or spider cookies, giving your guests something themed to munch on will help them feel more at home and will help them enjoy their experience more!


When you throw a party, you’re going to want your guests to be engaged and entertained. Depending on the type of party you’re throwing, there are different options to choose from. These options can range from dancing to watching scary movies. We suggest choosing some horror movies like Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Scream, or I Know What You Did Last Summer.

Do you have any tips on making a Halloween party even greater? Let our apartment community know by leaving us a comment! Thanks for reading!