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Summer Date Ideas

When was the last time you went on a date? If you’re not interested in dating, that’s perfectly fine, but if you do have a significant other or have someone you wish to take on a date then we’ve got a blog for you! In this week’s Quincy Plaza Blog, we’ve got a few date ideas for you to get your creative juices flowing! We hope you enjoy our suggestions!

Go On a Hike

If you and your potential date are active people, going on a hike is a fun activity! Find yourself a nice trail here in Arlington, VA and strap on your hiking boots. Hiking allows you to get a decent amount of cardiovascular exercise while you enjoy the beauty of nature. Be sure to pack enough water and trail snacks so you don’t get dehydrated or succumb to hunger. Because you’ll be walking, you can use it as an opportunity to make conversation. 


Take your date on a more intimate adventure by going stargazing! It’s difficult to find the right spot to stargaze near the city, which is why we recommend driving out to a more rural area to enjoy the beauty of the night sky! Remember to bring some comfortable items like pillows and blankets to keep warm! It may present a good opportunity to cuddle up with your date!

A Bonfire

The weather during the day is quite warm, but the nights could get a little cold. Warm up at night by having a bonfire! This may not be a traditional date, but it is a good opportunity to get to know your date and enjoy a night of s’mores and other bonfire treats. Indulge in some chocolate, marshmallows, and the sweet smell of fire! 


Dates are the time to get to know your date or spend some time with your significant other! If you’ve got any other date ideas, let our apartment community know of them by leaving a comment!