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National Barbecue Month

barbecue meat and vegetables on a grill

Having a barbecue is one of the most popular activities during the warmer months. May is National Barbecue Month and a good excuse to have a barbecue! You can dive into some delicious barbecue fare while enjoying the beautiful weather here in Arlington, VA. With that being said, we’ve decided to share with you some ways you can host a great barbecue for your friends and family in this week’s Quincy Plaza Blog!


When planning a barbecue, you have to start with the basics! Before you even start planning the food, you’ll have to make sure you have a place to have a barbecue, purchase the necessary barbecue and picnic items like utensils, plates, and cups. Don’t forget to pack your bug spray, sun screen, and trash bags!


What’s a barbecue without food? The food should be the star of your event, so take extra care in preparing the menu. Choose a variety of foods that add diversity to your event, like wings, ribs, burgers and even grilled vegetable kabobs. Depending on how many people you’re inviting to your barbecue, it may cost a lot of money to provide food for everyone. In that case, feel free to invite your guests to bring a dish they can share with everyone else, which would save you a bunch of money!

Clean Up

When you’ve eaten your delicious food and have had enough time to spend with your friends catching up and having fun, it will be time to clean up. Invite your friends to clean up their own plates and stay around until all the cleaning is done. As long as you provide the trash bags, people usually lend a hand in the clean up! Cleaning up is important because it provides the people who use the barbecue area with a clean spot! If you still wish to hang out, you can invite your friends back to your apartment!