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Laundry Day Tips

a pair of hands lifts a white piece of clothing from a laundry basket in front of a dryer

The most dreaded day of the week can be laundry day, especially if you’re the type of person to go through a lot of clothes during the week. We understand that laundry day can be an unwelcome chore on a weekend when you want to relax, but we’ve come up with a few tips in this week’s Quincy Plaza Blog to help make it a little easier!

Set a Timer

You might do this already! By setting a timer while doing laundry, you’ll be able to step away from the machine and do something productive while you wait. Also, you’ll have the added benefit of an alert that will let you know when your laundry is done. When the alarm sounds, grab your laundry immediately to avoid any chance of getting lost in whatever activity you’re doing at the time.

Don’t Stuff the Machine

As tempting as it might sound to fit one more item into the washer, we caution against it. Stuffing the washing machine with too many items is like you’re making a dirt trap with your clothes; basically, this means that each item in the washer is less-likely to get washed thoroughly. Instead of overstuffing, split up your loads with multiple washes during the week. As difficult or tedious as doing laundry over multiple days may seem, your clothes will be cleaner and each laundry day will seem shorter because of the smaller load size.

Sort Your Clothes

Unless you literally only wear one color of clothes, you’re going to have a variety of colors and shades of clothing. Sort your clothes into homogenous color piles to avoid any color bleeding through and ruining other articles of clothing. Doing so will keep the whites whiter, darks darker, and your colored clothing bright and vibrant.

Do you do anything special during laundry day? If so, let our Arlington, VA apartment community know by leaving us a comment.