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Goals for Your New Year

an open notebook with 2018 Goals written on the page, with a cup of  coffee and a pen next to it.

Since it’s the new year, many people have taken to making resolutions to make some positive changes in their lives, but sometimes those resolutions end up falling by the wayside and forgotten. In this week’s Quincy Plaza Blog, we’ve got a few tips for you on setting realistic goals that you can actually achieve in this new year.


Setting a goal is difficult. The first thing you need to know about setting goals is that they need to be specific. Specificity in setting goals will direct your efforts and give you clear direction as to how to proceed. As you’re specific, you can come up with specific methods to reach those goals.  


A reason why resolutions aren’t achieved is due to the lack of accountability and measurability of the goal. A measurable goal gives you an objective to reach and helps you see your progress. If your goal objective is measurable and clear, you’ll have more motivation to meet the goal!


Your goals need to be tied to what you wish to accomplish in the future. As you set these relevant goals, you’ll be able to get one step closer to where you wish to be. Don’t waste your time by making goals that don’t lend to your overall progress.


Resolutions often don’t work because they’re usually slated to span over an entire year. If the time frame is too long, the likelihood of you accomplishing your goal decreases. Attach a date to your goal so you know when you should be accomplishing your goal. Do your best to gauge how long it should take for you to complete it, and then make it a little shorter so you push yourself to meet the goal.

Goals can be difficult to reach, so we hope you enjoy these tips on setting goals! If you’ve got some ways that help you set goals, let our Arlington, VA apartment community know of them by leaving a comment.