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Enjoy a Night in Playing Dungeons & Dragons

How much do you know about Dungeons & Dragons? First published in 1974, Dungeons & Dragons is a tabletop roleplaying game where players can dive into a story written and told in the collective imagination of the players and the dungeon master. This game is a perfect activity to play with your friends on a weekly basis when you have the time! In this week’s Quincy Plaza Blog, we’ve got a few tips for you on why you should get started with your own D&D game!


Dungeons & Dragons allows players to embody a character of their own creation,with a backstory written by them. How your character interacts with the world is entirely up to you. Unlike video games, D&D isn’t bound by scripting and the consequences of your actions can vary depending on the discretion of your dungeon master. Since it’s a roleplaying game, it is encouraged that you think and act as your character would, using the backstory you have written to guide how your character would react to the situations your character ends up in. Roleplaying can be difficult for some, especially if they’re playing in a group of people they aren’t comfortable with, but we recommend pushing yourself and getting out of your comfort zone to roleplay. Doing so can enhance the overall game experience and help you bond more with the people you’re playing with.


Telling a story is the largest part of D&D. Though the story is narrated and guided by the dungeon master, the players have a significant role in how the story plays out. Many dungeon masters incorporate characters and plotlines from player backstories allowing the players to have a say in what goes on in the world. Another way the player can lend to storytelling is through the decisions they make. Each decision you make affects the world in some way, which can have a profound effect on how the story unfolds.
Because Dungeons & Dragons is a fairly open ended game, you’re free to do as your heart and mind desires (with corresponding consequences)


As much as Dungeons & Dragons involves roleplaying, it’s also a game. There are mechanics that help the game function smoothly and familiarizing yourself with these mechanics can enhance your experience by allowing the game to flow. If you’re playing D&D to feel like a heroic adventurer that slays evil and brings justice, you can do it! Through the mechanics, you’re able to slay monsters, charm barmaids, and expunge evil. Nothing will make you feel like an amazing adventurer more than scoring a critical hit that eventually leads to the final blow on your villain!


Invite some of your friends over to your Arlington, VA apartment to begin your first Dungeons & Dragons session! If play and want to share why you love the game, leave us a comment!