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a man staring at his cell phone with a look of anxiety

Do you find yourself on your mobile device or computer too often? With technology advancing as quickly as it is, it can be easy to forget ourselves in our tech, which can lead to consequences we never intended. In this week’s Quincy Plaza Blog, we’ve got a few suggestions of ways you can disconnect and enjoy your life a little more. It’s time to put the phone down and get out of your Arlington, VA apartment!

No Phones by Your Bedside

If you find yourself tired in the morning, it may be due to the amount of sleep you’re getting. If you charge your phone by your bedside, you may end up spending more time on your phone browsing social media rather than sleeping. This can have an adverse effect on your sleep patterns and, subsequently, your mood. Charge your phone in another room or, if you use it as an alarm, set it somewhere where you’d need to get up out of bed to reach.

Leave It at Home

One way to disconnect is by simply leaving your device at home. This may be a little scary for many people, but it can help you appreciate spending time with the people you’re with instead of diverting to a phone. Many people avoid doing this because they like having their phone with them in case of emergencies, so we recommend trying this tip when you’re headed out with someone else who has their phone with them.

No Phones at Meals

These days, it’s common to have your phone out during lunch or dinner, even when you’re with your friends. We’ve become so accustomed to having our phones out that we’ve forgotten the impact it has on our interactions with others. When you’re out with your friends at a restaurant for a meal, you can try playing a little game. The game entails everyone at the table stacking their phones in the center of the table so it’s visible to everyone. The first person to pick up their phone loses. If being branded the loser isn’t enough, you can set the condition that the loser has to pay for the entire meal, and everyone after the initial loser has to contribute to paying for the meal as well.