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Clean Your Car

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How clean is your car? As much as you love the vehicle that transports you everywhere, you may end up neglecting it in some way shape or form, usually in terms of cleanliness. The weather is warming up, making it the perfect time to clean your car and give it a quick wash! In this week’s Quincy Plaza Blog, we’ve got a few car cleaning tips to aid you in your cleaning endeavors.

Wash the Exterior

Since the exterior is the surface exposed to the elements, we recommend giving it a good wash! When washing your vehicle, we recommend washing it from the top down, starting with quick rinse and soap wash, a cloth wash, then finishing off with another rinse. To avoid water spots, invest in some microfiber drying towels to remove the leftover water. If you’re wanting to pamper your car, give it a good wax after, which bolsters the protection against the elements.


If you haven’t cleaned your car out in a while, there’s a high chance that you have clutter. Clutter can be defined as things lying about in an untidy mess, so even if you wish to keep certain items in your car, it would still be cluttered if they were just splayed out over every possible surface. Do yourself a favor and remove the items that need to be removed. Some of these items can include but are not limited to:

  • Garbage

  • Clothes

  • Shoes

  • Toys

  • Sports equipment


Once your car is decluttered, you’ll have some necessary items you want to keep in your car. Do yourself a favor and invest in a trunk or seat organizer so you can stow any crucial items in an organized and easy to remember spot.


Do you have any car cleaning tips? Share them with our Arlington, VA apartment community!