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Celebrate National Fortune Cookie Day

Celebrate National Fortune Cookie Day

September 13th is National Fortune Cookie Day, and here on the Quincy Plaza Blog we want to help you celebrate! We’ll share some history about the fortune cookie, some nearby Chinese restaurants to get one, and a recipe on how to make your own fortune cookies. We hope you get a chance to celebrate this month here in Arlington, VA.


History and Dispute of the Fortune Cookie

There is some dispute about the origin of fortune cookies. Some say it’s the Chinese while others say it was the Japanese who came up with it. The Smithsonian cracked open the history of the fortune cookie to point out that “The issue became so contentious that it fueled a 1983 court battle wherein the judge gave a split decision ruling that the modern fortune cookie was born in pre-World War I San Francisco; however, he declined to decide which nationality had claim to the treats.”


Wherever the origin may be, fortune cookies have become a Chinese-American food staple, which is why we’re highlighting some nearby Chinese restaurants. Get a delicious savory meal and enjoy a crunchy and sweet fortune cookie after.


Nearby Chinese Restaurants

Peter Chang

Peter Chang is ranked as a favorite Chinese restaurant in Arlington. It’s about a 10-minute drive from our apartment community.


“Chef Peter Chang is now proud to make his signature Szechuan cuisine available to Arlington. Nestled in the Lee Harrison Shopping Centre, the seventh and newest location in the Peter Chang family is a return to the northern Virginia area for the chef. Residents will again be treated to his fan favorite dishes, including Duck in a Stone Pot, Chicken with Onion & Chili and Dry-Fried Eggplant.”

Tea Noodle Rice Cafe

TNR Cafe (for short) is about a 10-minute drive from Quincy Plaza. One reviewer said, “[I was] very excited to see a menu that had more traditional Chinese offerings.  Ordered delivery and they were prompt.  The food was delicious with generous portions.”


Mala Tang

Mala Tang is less than a mile away from your apartment and about a 10-minute walk. Here’s what one reviewer said about Mala Tang: “One of my favorite places in Arlington for a great dinner. I love the sauce and spice bar!”


Check out this delicious and simple homemade fortune cookie recipe from The Semisweet Sisters. Where’s your favorite place to get Chinese food in the area? Let us know in the comments so we can check it out. Thanks for reading. Visit our blog again soon!